Weck Keep Fresh Plastic Lids 80mm (Pack Of 5)

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Made of heat hardened glass, WECK jars are suitable for all canning projects, including water bath canning and pressure canning.

It might be easier than you think. It's fun and satisfying and brings you the recognition of family and friends, as well as saving you money.

The jars have glass lids that won't rust and can be reused indefinitely. Clips, rubber washers or plastic lids can be purchased separately. Full and complete sets are also available. Rubber washers are made of natural rubber and for dry storage purposes. They will last for years but if you are heat processing jars they can only be used once since they might lose their sealing properties. You can still re-use the rubber washers for dry storage.

Other advantages:

  • Wide easy to fill jars
  • Glass lids that will not rust
  • Rubber washers that are easy to check at a glance
  • Easy open jars, no can opener needed!
  • Easy stack jars for convenient, space saving storage
  • Plastic lids available for refrigerator storage
  • Wide openings making for easy clean-up
  • Microwave safe heat hardened glass
  • Attractive, fun, decorative shapes nice enough for table use

WECK Jars are high-quality glass jars crafted to help make our lives easier and more sustainable. Our jars are made in Germany with the highest quality elements. While crafted for canning, our jars make the perfect compliment to a more sustainable home and great for storage of all kinds. WECK Jars are dishwasher and microwave safe. WECK Jars also make an amazing gift!

Additional information:

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